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Presentation Gift to Mr. H. Ross Perot at the "Return to Freedom Celebration Gala 2018.  A Gentex SPH3 flight helmet on a POW Display.  The helmet pedestal  is made with wood, white rope and bob wire.  The guard tower is surrounded by a fence. The POW logo and the Airpower foundation logo are beside the commemorative plate.

to my far left Colonel (Ret) Bruce Cox, my left Colonel (Ret) Thomas M. McNish (Vietnam POW for 2373 days), to my right Mr. H. Ross Perot.  Presented at the "Return to Freedom Celebration Gala 2018)  Thanks to the staff for the photograph

Presentation Display with POW gaurd tower / Gentex SPH3 flight helmet on MDF with a reclaimed bamboo frame

Front of presentation helmet depicting the 4th Allied POW wing logo

Back of presentation helmet depicting 4th Allied POW wing logo

Presentation plate from reclaimed F-4 Phantom sheet metal

AFH1 Commemorative Helmet

Combat Aviation Art is a great tradition that goes back to WW1 and the hand painted decorations on the sides of fabric airplanes.  Throughout the years, Combat Aviation Art has found its way to all sorts of related items.  In the helmet depicted in this picture, I airbrushed a commemorative scene of Vietnam on the back of an AFH-1 (Anti-Fragmentation Helmet) that was used by Vietnam crewmembers.  

Custom Airbrushed HGU55 Flight Helmet HGU55 Combat Edge Decorated Flight Helmet


The photos depicted here are airbrushed on the back of an HGU-55 Combat Edge Air Force Flight Helmet(s) and were used for presentations  to Officers that are leaving for another assignment(s).  Airbrushing artwork on rounded surfaces is difficult, but worth the time.

HGU55 Combat Edge Decorated Flight Helmet

Helmet lettering with artwork

Custom Helmet  decoration and design. HGU55, Combat Edge, HGU33

Custom Design for Airforce Helmets, patches and artwork layout and design

Snake skin application with rattle snake skin wrapping oxygen hose

Stars and Stripes SPH4B Flight Helmet
HGU56 digital desert camo with stone wall presentation stand

Customer provided custom artwork for helmet theme (LPFB Lets play for blood)

Custom helmet painted for Kevin Greene from Pittsburg Steelers

HGU55 presentation stand with reclaimed aircraft parts

Custom flight helmet stand with dummy 20 mm

Custom Flight Helmet stand with art and challenge coins.

Air Force Commemorative flight helmet depicting 200 Combat Missions in a B52 Vietnam

Blue Max 1st Cavalry helmet art

Coast Guard HGU56 Commemorative flight helmet with visor

Coast Guard SPH5 flight helmet with HH60 Jayhawk Airbrushed over mountains.  Base is panel from sunken sail boat and post is dock piling wrapped in white rope

Gentex APH 5 fligth helmet First Cav Vietnam Commemorate depicting  "Apocalypse Now" theme

Gentex SPH4 with cobra gun sight mount / presentation helmet

Restored (Gentex SPH3) 80's US Coast Guard Flight Helmet that was decorated with reflective tape

Complete restoration of an APH6 Flight Helmet with display stand

Below is the deteriorated condition of the 1969 flight helmet prior to restoration

Presentation Helmet

With permission of Don Callison ("Warwagon 14") Presentation helmet for D Troop 3/5 Reunion" Warwagons