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This helmet is fabricated using an APH6C Ramshorn Navy flight helmet.  The APH6  helmet was used at the pattern for the Star Wars helmets seen in Episode IV "A New Hope".  I decorated this version to show the colors worn by Wedge Antilies "Rouge One"

1;1 Scale Starv Wars Darth Vader Helmet with motherboard parts attached.  On display stand

Praetor Flight Helmet with David Clark headset custom painted

Fraken Huey, 1:18 scale UH1C with 40mm granade launcher.  Outer skin is made with 100% scrap huey sheet metal.  Windshield and windows are made from GENTEX flight helmet lens.  

Fraken Cobra  1:18 scale of AH1 Huey Cobra Gunship, made from various warbird sheetmetal and Bell 204 parts on a Air Cav commemorative stand

Pictured above is a nautical chart from the 50's of Bristol Harbor.  I painted the original lighthouses and scanned them into Photoshop.  In addition I scanned the nautical chart. Once I had both images in Photoshop, I combined them to make this chart.

Commemorate airplane panel replica for presentation gift Texas Rangers