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A painting I completed depicting a Huey helicopter flying over the Central Highlands of Vietnam was donated to the military lounge at TF Green Airport in Warwick RI. The military lounge has accepted several of my paintings depicting military scenes. In the picture to my right is State Representative Camille Vella-Wilkinson Committee on Veteran's Affairs, Tim Rowe Warwick City Council, to my left is the Mayor of Warwick RI Joseph J Solomon, CSM retired Daniel Evangelista an Kimberly Winerman both with the Rhode Island Military Organization. The work the organization does greatly helps support the military.

Vietnam scene theme painted on a Huey Main Rotor Blade Coffee Table donated to RI Army (Aviation) National Quonset Point RI.  The back of the blade is signed by Vietnam Veterans

Commemorative panel for George L. Sutcliffe P47 Pilot (Junior) was a World War II fighter pilot, honored for his many combat successes that were featured on the History Channel

In the picture to the above I painted a replica of the artwork that appeared on the side of the aircraft flown in WW1. The canvas is aircraft Ceconite, makes a great effect. The Lafayette Escadrille (from the French Escadrille de Lafayette) was an escadrille of the French Air Service, the Aéronautique Militaire, during World War I composed largely of American volunteer pilots flying fighters.  This type of Artwork is great for a meeting room, hangar, or even a museum display commemorating an event

The painting above in acrylic depicts a WW2 F4U Vought Corsair in the South Pacific

"Joker Guns at Your Service"

This is an actual panel painted for a Vietnam Reunion.  It was commissioned by a member of the unit attending the reunion.  The unit served in Lam Son 719 a famous Helicopter battle in Vietnam. 


Operation Lam Son 719  was a limited-objective offensive campaign conducted in southeastern portion of Laos by the armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam  between 8 February and 25 March 1971, during the Vietnam War.  The objective of the campaign was the disruption of Ho Chi Minh Trail (the Truong Son Road to North Vietnam).

The art work above is from a piece of Huey sheet metal.  It is commemorating the unit logo from F Troop 2/17 Cav Vietnam "Comanchero's"

OH6 Tail Rotor Blade Mounted on a Decorated Huey Panel
Cobra Tail Rotor Blade on Mahogany
Huey Dash Board shadowbox
Airbrushed Motorcycle fender
Presentation Gift
1:18 scale of John Wayne's "War Wagon" from reclaimed materials

Huey Helicopter main rotorf blade tip with commemorative art on wooden base

Huey tail rotor blade in wooden crate commemorative box with working clock and 101st Airborne logo.