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One of the great things about art is the ability to have fun and try new and different things.  In the painting pictured above, I thought it would be great to paint a horse looking around a corner of an old barn to see what I was doing.  This painting is 42 x 30 Acrylic on canvas.


In the painting below, I have always been a fan of the late Bob Ross, he could paint a masterpiece in 30 minutes.  This painting, I thought would be great to paint a "Bob Ross" type of fall setting and add a "Star Wars" Storm  Trooper  taking a ride in the country looking at the foliage.

The painting pictured above was a lot of fun.  I took a piece of canvas about 40 x 30 and stapled it on the wall.  I then painted it with black gesso. Using Montana Spray paint, I sprayed with no pattern all over the black canvas.  Next I took a generous amount of white gesso on my finger and flicked it onto the canvas.  Before the gesso dries, take a razor blade and make vertical and horizontal  marks to spread out the gesso like a star burst. For the  planets, I cut out a circle with a with contact paper and protected the area and painted airbrushed the planet.  The X wing and Obe One was painted with acrylic.

Star Wars Bobba Fett painted on Cardboad framed with custom frame

 24 x 36 sify painting with motherboard chips as a city with painted planents and stars.

24 x 36 decorated wall art titled "stairway to heaven" 

Baloons over the lake


Yupo paper provides a great surface to paint.  It is like having an erasable water color paper.  It is a great surface to move and blend paints and experiment with different looks and effects. I painted the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Red Horse
The Pale Horse
The White Horse
The Black Horse